Sunday, October 23, 2016

Spirit and form

your body is a bundle of consciousness a garden afire with God, it is the extension of the Universe – entry into Heaven itself- a balanced and quality life is the one that moves between spirit and form.

nature’s intelligence

f you’ve noticed closely, nature’s intelligence is spontaneous and effortless. The Moon does not rehearse to smile. She simply smiles. Trees don’t work hard to flower. They don’t plan to flower. A rose simply blooms. She does not think about it. Birds don’t get any training to fly. They just fly. This is because nature’s energy is woven together by the divine force of love. When you merge with the energy of nature, creativity and abundance becomes your nature, and it is effortless.

become free

a fundamental question you can ask yourself is not why terrible things can happen to you or anyone else. it is whether you choose to live with them or release them and become free.

song of great stillness

In the civilization that cannot stop talking – be willing to be a tender soil out of which the song of great stillness emerges -

direct path

When an intense feeling arises inside you, this can be fear or deep sadness, don’t lose touch with it. don’t try to hide it or run away from it. Instead undress yourself and approach them the way lovers approach each other. hug and kiss them. they're great blessings and can be a direct path to your awakening.

empty tube

Do you ever feel that life is hard? do you become frustrated with the way things go? Do you feel exhausted and burnt out early in the morning even before the day begins? If so it is just because whatever it is you are doing, you think you are the doer. You think you are in charge and you are very serious about it and you think you are responsible. The truth is that you are not the doer of what you are doing. The supreme intelligence is doing things through you. Your job here is simply to allow it, to be a spaciousness, an empty tube through which days and nights pass. your task is to be the field on which the seeds of generosity are planted.

inside everyone's eyes

How can we be grateful enough to the mystery that opened our eyes so that we can see God smiling inside everyone’s eyes!