Wednesday, March 22, 2017

more important than life

MORE IMPORTANT THAN LIFE in the civilization where saving the face, pride and honor – the position you hold in this world, the roles you play, looking good and defending your position ---- becomes more important than life itself, to see the way things are and allowing what is, without interrupting the dance of life, will be the most difficult task.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Clarity does not come from learning so much. It comes from going beyond the limitation of mind and body. It comes from emptying yourself from what you’ve already known.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Something very precious

do you know why you are so beautiful? Something very precious is hidden inside you. Lit the candle in your heart to see it - let your inner eyes wide open


When I ask who you are, you tell me you are Peter. I say you are not. you tell me you are a market research analyst. I say you are not. these are all your mistaken identities. You may seem visible but you are the incarnation of what is invisible. you are the embodiment of a divine light. you are a love song and from inside you comes the supreme universal song that is not written anywhere but in your heart you are the presence that pervades the entire cosmos.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Eternity is in love with you

When you’re finally ready to look deep inside, your heart is infinitely in love with you. the entire universe is in love with you. Eternity is in love with you. Awareness is in love with you.

If letting go ---

This love has no walls a floor cannot hold it – and walls cannot stand before its majesty. Beloved, If letting go seems like a tiny moment of death, I am not afraid to die each day into your beauty – and something deep inside knows this death is the wedding to the light of the ocean, the eternal bliss - and I have now learned how gracefully to turn myself into a white cloud each moment so that you can lift me up towards the throne of your supreme elegance.

around the sun

you are already the energy that makes the earth orbit around the sun - you are the eyes through which the universe sees itself - whatever you add to yourself through learning interferes with the spontaneous flow of nature and hides your true essence.