Friday, March 16, 2018

why rush

why avoid hard times? why run away from ordeals? why come to a conclusion to soon? why rush to blame someone or to give up? everything is working together to polish you.


Fly to wherever direction your heart is moving – Let nothing stop you. You are not here to scramble over the limited resource of the earth – you are here to keep the eternal truth alive - to burst into a thousand suns and light up the darkness of Human shadow.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

karmic debt

Relax now. there is a fire that ignites itself when you live fearlessly and wholeheartedly - that can burn your past including the accumulation of your karmic debt -

everyday splendor

Everyone and everything, even winds and sparrows want to kiss the lips that trembles with wonder, the lips that part only to sing of everyday splendor and gratitude -

being aware

being aware does not mean to be superman - it simply means to be a silent mountain while a storm spins around you. it means reading these poem exactly as it is, not trying to have opinion about it.

the mirror

Have you ever looked in the mirror and noticed how elegant you are when you feel peace in your heart, When you are free from wanting – When you are free from the urge to be somebody– When you are free from stressful thoughts - Have you noticed how beautiful you are when you are happy with yourself?

baptize yourself

baptize yourself in the ocean of love within you. do this every moment, as you get up everyday.