Wednesday, November 15, 2017

When lovers sit together

When lovers sit together, there is no forever between them- there is only eternity – buried seeds part their lips to sing from underground - the mind becomes empty of stories - every single gaze in the eye brings new openings - All movement become stillness. time does not want to stay meaningless - It wants to transform Into a song –

scent of now

do you know why you are fragrant and sweet? because you are the scent of Now. if you hold a piece of stone, the stone will start singing in your hand. Don't ask why this happens. close your eyes and vanish into yourself.

With our ears

With our ears the cosmos hear – With our tongue the cosmos taste – With our eyes the cosmos see everything that holds us together – You are the thing that holds us together – you are the sweetness in our mouth when we feel the root of hunger - you are the road and the traveler – You are the music And the one who Plays music – You are honey as well as what makes the honey sweet -

without attachment

The moon look at the moon on a dark sky – look at the sky and the earth – look at a flower and a daybreak and worms coming out of the ground in spring – You ask me why they are so free and so vibrant and so alive – I can only tell you One thing out of many - they love without attachment.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

in great danger

When you are not ready and willing to see another human being inside yourself and yourself in another human being, there is a noticeable fear of separation that makes you worry for your safety. It makes you worry that you are in great danger – It makes you think that the world is a dangerous place to live. It is this worry that in turn make you a gun owner so that You can protect yourself from another person.


No matter how elegant the words are – no matter how embroidered and rich they are – no matter how playful and tasty they are - they cannot reveal or touch the truth in fact too much words can cover up the emptiness of truth - no matter how articulate and persuasive the speaker is - words can only point to it - they can walk you closer to the entryway of truth – but they cannot enter - but they cannot on your behalf - It is up to you to gather your strength and walk in. sometimes be empty of words and allow the truth to remain naked.

permanent residence

do you know why you suffer? you live in a temporary world and yet you apply for a permanent residence and you become truly disappointed if it does not come in the mail.