Wednesday, January 18, 2017


if you are feeling a little wobbly and shaky keep moving inside of you - keep moving --- until you're fully united with the light in your own heart.

perfume of awakening

sometimes the perfume of awakening can explode into your life simply by noticing little pointers like a caterpillar turning itself into a butterfly or a ripe fruit falling from a tree and crushing into an endless freedom or simply by opening a book and reading the first two lines of a poem or just by being around a guru ----- it is your own deep quality waiting for a little reminder.


i am moved by what a friend said this morning - "thank you deeply for your everyday reminders. truly your poetry have the energy to penetrate and bring me back to my heart and I feel blessed again and again. I remember who i am and yet more often I slip away from this divine sweetness and find myself in the river of confusion - i feel i am a noise behind music and a cloud covering the face of the sky. I feel am a burden to the planet earth and to everyone. what do advise me?" You're not a burden my dear friend. what you think you are is a burden. the past you carry with you is a burden. your opinion about yourself is a burden. your mistaken identity is a burden. your attachment with what comes and goes is a burden - drawing your boundaries and believing in them is a burden. give up all of these and return to your true nature. they say, knock and the door will open - the reality is there is no door- the door is an illusion the mind is created - life is a free and open hallway - just have a little courage to walk through it - no more waiting my dear friend. the ultimate state of union with life is possible right here and now.

a little flexibility

show a little flexibility, a little fluidity a little readiness today for a true melting - like a piece of bread that crumbles and turns itself into your body – like a seed that disintegrates and vanishes into the earth before it emerges as a glorious plant, like a drop of water that leaves its image behind and enters the sea --- that is what love does.

Saturday, January 14, 2017


Humans are the only species who run towards the next moment - the only species who struggle. nature is effortless.

Thursday, January 12, 2017


there is no substitute for what you are. It cannot be purchased or sold. If you work for a company that pays you a fair amount of wage but does not allow you to be who you are – that is not an employment. it is servitude.

you stand in the middle

If you are a true lover you cannot turn away from what happens. Before anger and joy and fear arise, you stand in the middle - After anger and joy and fear arose you still stand in the middle –