Thursday, May 25, 2017

mystery inside your eyes

It is not a day that is bad or good – It is not someone that is bad or good – It is you for there is no someone out there – tell me if you look at one but perceive many? If you look at what is eternal but can only see what is time-bound. tell dear one, how is your heart-pulsation right now? how do you feel close to the mystery inside your eyes that you don’t see but smell its perfume?

gaze inside

You might long night and day to be with a friend who understands you someone whose single glance can ignite fire inside your chest - and you wait longer than your initial plan, hoping something will reveal itself someday but your commitment my dear friend, your strength to gaze inside and to stay with your own heart makes creation Indivisible.

your being

when something in your life goes terribly wrong, say, you lose your voice one day before your speaking engagement or someone very close to your heart dies on your wedding day --- it is normal for the mind to freak out. if you kindly look inside, nothing actually went wrong. only something happened that is not in your mind, something that you are not ready for. most things in this world are relative. Only one thing is of absolute importance. That is not a thing. It is your being. it is your inner intelligence, the ground out of which life grows.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

my new silence

you can say so much. you can write so much but dear one I am in love with what you not uttered yet. Come enter the dimension of my new silence.

this great force

Love is a universal song a very contagious energy – like a soft wildfire, it clears everything in the way, like water everything it touches becomes, awakened, animated, refined and transformed – it does not shout. It does not run. It does not choose nor does it claim ownership. It moves with grace and leaves no footprint. how is it possible to contain this great force inside one person.

sacred within

the willingness to empty yourself on a regular basis allows you to catch up with the flow of life and come closer to the sacred within you.

river of laughter

Life without laughter is a prison and you know my dear companion how the ego wants to take itself very seriously. so dear one, wherever you are and whatever you are doing, right now, whether you are at work of whether you are in hospital, whether you are waiting for a friend at a coffee shop or if you're walking your dog in your neighborhood ------ make sure a river of laughter is flowing inside all of these -