Saturday, February 25, 2017

open your hands

when you practice to open your hands and leave them open and relaxed, you practice the wisdom of holding onto nothing. you practice the art of letting go.

heart language

What you are in the heart language is pure space. in fact there is immeasurable spaciousness inside of you as there is in the entire external universe. that is why it is possible to say you hold the universe within you.

if you are in a hurry

if you are in a hurry to speak, it is your head that is speaking. Be still. consciousness will speak through you from the depth of your inner ocean. Your entire body will bloom and your whole being will shiver with the energy of now.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

all of your strength

when you pull all of your strength together only to focus on eating, working, paying bills sleeping and having sex ----- you limit your infinite potentiality to expand and create. My dear friend, You are not here Just for survival. You are here so that life knows itself more deeply and genuinely , you are here to be drunk with the wine of life, to celebrate life and to sing, to shine and to dance and laugh.

the sun dancing on your face

When you shine You are truly serving the purpose of life - You are no longer dreaming. You’ve no regrets about the past – and you have no one to accuse – you are in complete harmony with the universe and everything and everyone wants to merge with you because they see the sun dancing on your face.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

a dangerous practice

because love is a dangerous practice, the whole world is afraid of it. it is a taboo to talk about love at their conferences and meetings and work places - - love has a capacity to destruct humans from their inner conflicts, their worries and their endless hunger for war. Most of all, the recognition of love can reveal to them their own shocking elegance from which they've been running forever.

like candies thrown to the crowd

Be done with chasing flurries of happiness drizzling here and drizzling there – like candies thrown to the crowd, they are not satisfying. turn within courageously where the fountain of joy is awaiting for you.