Friday, April 21, 2017

When you start Complaining

When you start Complaining, Just be present – It means you are pushing away whatever wants to arise, running away from the one who wants to kiss your infinity eyes - by doing so, you are wasting a lot of aliveness.

rainy morning in Minneapolis

When rainfalls, don’t talk. Don’t analyze it. Listen. It is a sound of the unheard. Open your heart and drink it. Blessings is coming down to drench your parched soul. to quench your cosmic thirst. when clouds are tired of being opaque and heavy, they surrender and fall into the arms of mystery for whoever is willing to die into mystery becomes the mystery itself.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

holy mouth of the beloved.

Praise anything that does not feel right inside your being, anything that does not seem to be working – or when what you love most falls apart--- are good enough hints to draw you closer to the holy mouth of the beloved.

restless mind

If you just take some time off from your restless mind, you will soon lose interest in how things should go or what is going to happen next ----- then inside you a pure space will emerge for a garden to grow and for roses to bloom, for ten thousand moons to shine --- and your whole being starts flowering like a forest in spring.

we become the river

We BECOME THE RIVER Sometimes We don’t know what moves us and yet we move, We don’t know what tickles us and yet we laugh, we don’t know what penetrates us deeply and yet we cry with joy we don’t know what carries us --- and yet we fly-- – and when we long for burning we easily catch fire – and when the time comes to enter the ocean and vanish into oneness we become the river -

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

without effort

he most authentic way to love someone is to love without expectation, without attachment and without effort - that is complete freedom. you are free and the one you've loved is free and eventually through you, the world will become free.


What I really want for you, my beautiful friends, is not a daily news – what I want for you with all of my heart is PRESENCE. What I want for you is AWARENESS to wake up roaring inside your heart and sweeps you away like a wildfire burning and dissolving everything you are familiar with, including your opinions and views - When this happens, you will come to a place of great emptiness where the only thing you want to do is to be still so that you can hear with deep clarity the universe chanting and singing inside you.