Friday, June 10, 2016

what is missing

You grew up in the world that wants you to focus on what is missing, what does not work and what is short so that you've always something to complain about when you meet someone. the truth is however, you are here because abundance wants to share it self fiercely - You’re here because tenderness wants to pour from the sky of your own heart like sweet rain in the early spring. You are here because gratitude wants to dance every time we sit together in silence.

by allowing, you become powerful

by suppressing or running away from what wants to emerge through you, you become small and fearful. by allowing, you become powerful because you’ve made peace with everything and everyone.

right action

right action can be generated at the right time and at the right place not from the self-serving egoic entity that wants to achieve something but from the place of supreme high, pure consciousness that does not expect any result in return.

stories after stories

You are not what your biography says about you. don’t encourage your mind to invent stories after stories. be drawn to whatever can empty you and stay here. You’ll realize that you are not actually what happens but a sacred ground on which all things happen.

move inside

all that is required is to move inside and touch your depth, you have a depth that the ego is afraid of. Move a little deeper and be familiar with your true essence - be deeply rooted in your heart - then there is nothing to wait for because you've met and honored this moment fully, with all her music and noise, without leaving anything out.

every time she sees you

love is not interested in what you've accomplished in the past. she is not interested in what you are planning in the future. she is only interested in you and every time she sees you lonely, worried and needy and lost in thought, she looks at you with eyes that are filled with sunlight and deep compassion and says, dear one, i am here only for you, i am here to tickle you and make you laugh. I am here to melt your worries, to erode your fear, to heal your wound and nourish you soul. I've given my whole self to you. what more do you want? what more do you want my dear friend?

your depth

If the environment In which you live cannot understand and support your depth don’t take it personally nor try to convince anyone. Continue to sing your song. Water is never in a rush to get somewhere. She moves into the crust of the earth slowing.