Thursday, May 24, 2018

to make someone happy,

By trying hard to make someone happy, you hurt yourself – you cannot even make yourself happy because happiness happens on its own when you get out of the way -

ten thousand shreds

there is no higher knowledge than knowing your timelessness- then your heavy burden and worldly grief will drop from your shoulder and crash into ten thousand shreds.

to be free means

to be free means to be home wherever you are

after many years of deep sleep

let challenges come your way from every corner – it is to awaken you – to give you the needed strength to be truly yourself after many years of deep sleep

when you choose to shine

When you choose to shine, what is the distinction between you and the light in the sun and the wetness of sea water and grace of a feminine energy and forgiveness of the earth and the moon-milk and softness of galaxies ---- what is the difference between you and the mystery that holds everything together?

your emptiness

If your mind is already full of theories and viewpoints and perspectives and even beautiful quotes to live by --- then you have no space for love – remember love wants nothing but your emptiness -

I don't have a favorite color

I don't have a favorite color - i don't have a favorite master - i don't have favorite book - i don't have a favorite country- - i am infinite and hold the entire world - There is nothing and no one that is not one with me -