Friday, June 23, 2017

your essential nature

your essential nature is bliss itself and what someone says to you neither reduces you nor improves what you are - you are delight as well as the enjoyer of delight. you are the full moon as well as the softness of the moon. The sky inside your being comes out to dance with trees moving in the breeze. you are a view from mountains where nothing is hidden. You are the face of the sun turning in every direction.

let go of any trying

First let go of any trying - be empty of any desire no matter how beautiful that is - even a desire to be enlightened – be satisfied with what you are now. Want nothing. and nothing – for what you are is already a signature of splendor - Remain inside this empty vastness.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

tooth fairies

Just like a child wakes up one morning and discovers that tooth fairies are not real, one day you too, if you are lucky, will wake up from your dreams and realize that you are not what you really think you are.

greatest challenge

greatest challenge of being human is the courage to allow what wants to emerge - and the strength to release what wants to fly away from your hands -

remain inside the knowing

Sometimes you happen to be with a group of humans whose energy is very low and who’re great at complaining and worrying- out of good intention you want to be of service to them so you too start complaining and blaming someone. you think that by worrying with them you are being friendly and kind. The most original way to help this world is not by participating in worry or fear. it is actually by knowing who you are on the deepest level and then to remain inside the knowing.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

deeply present

as I was growing up in the farm, I still remember some beings who looked at the clouds floating in the sky and could tell if it was going to rain or not. there were also few people who could understand the language of animals and birds. It was not because they had a special gift, It was because they were very intimate with nature. It was because they were very alive and deeply present.

open your eyes

You don’t have to be on a long cruise or a caravan. You don’t have to go anywhere – just open your eyes - right here, in front of you or under your feet a bruised blade of grass trembles with the mystery of existence. Her love is total and no part of her hides from the world. She contains the world inside her stillness. She shares the trauma of the world - if you want to know how deeply we are all connected, look in the eye of a tiger or a dog or in the eye of another human being – you can see yourself there.